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46 jobs
(Building) Permit CoördinatorOostkamp, Vlaams Gewest, BelgiëSite AcquisitionInsky
Accounting & Tax ManagerOostkamp, Vlaams Gewest, BelgiumFinance & PeopleCitymesh
Accounting expertOostkamp, Vlaams Gewest, BelgiumFinance & PeopleCitymesh
ArchitectOostkamp, Vlaams Gewest, BelgiëOperationsInsky
Assistant Architect/Technical DesignerOostkamp, Vlaams Gewest, BelgiëOperationsInsky
Business ControllerOostkamp, Vlaams Gewest, BelgiumFinance & PeopleCitymesh
Business Development Manager - Healthcare SolutionsOostkamp, Vlaams Gewest, BelgiumSalesCitymesh
Commercial DirectorOostkamp, Vlaams Gewest, BelgiëDIGI BE
Connected Assets ExpertOostkamp, Vlaams Gewest, BelgiëSolutions & TechnologiesCitymesh
Customer Care DirectorOostkamp, Vlaams Gewest, BelgiumDIGI BE
DevOps ExpertOostkamp, Vlaams Gewest, BelgiumSolutions & TechnologiesCitymesh
Drone PilotOostkamp, Vlaams Gewest, BelgiëDronesCitymesh
Frame Agreement ExpertOostkamp, Vlaams Gewest, BelgiëOperationsInsky
FTTH Construction ManagerOostkamp, Vlaams Gewest, BelgiëSolutions & TechnologiesInsky
FTTH Project ManagerOostkamp, Vlaams Gewest, BelgiëFiberInsky
H&S Expert / Prevention AdvisorOostkamp, Vlaams Gewest, BelgiëOperationsInsky
I4.0 MacGyverOostkamp, Vlaams Gewest, BelgiumSolutions & TechnologiesCitymesh
Inside Sales ExpertOostkamp, Vlaams Gewest, BelgiëSolutions & TechnologiesCitymesh
Internship ITOostkamp, Vlaams Gewest, BelgiumSolutions & TechnologiesStudents
IT Prototype BuilderOostkamp, Vlaams Gewest, BelgiumSolutions & TechnologiesCitymesh
Junior Datacenter Network EngineerOostkamp, Vlaams Gewest, BelgiumCentral ServicesCitymesh
Junior IT EngineerOostkamp, Vlaams Gewest, BelgiëSolutions & TechnologiesInsky
Junior Legal AdvisorOostkamp, Vlaams Gewest, BelgiëLegalInsky
Junior NegotiatorOostkamp, Vlaams Gewest, BelgiëSite AcquisitionInsky
Junior Network EngineerOostkamp, Vlaams Gewest, BelgiëOperationsCitymesh
Junior Sales - Small Industrial Clients (LAN/WiFi)Oostkamp, Vlaams Gewest, BelgiëSalesCitymesh
Junior software engineerOostkamp, Vlaams Gewest, BelgiumCentral ServicesCitymesh
NegotiatorOostkamp, Vlaams Gewest, BelgiëSite AcquisitionInsky
Odoo ExpertOostkamp, Vlaams Gewest, BelgiëFinance & PeopleInsky
Permit ExpertOostkamp, Vlaams Gewest, BelgiëSite AcquisitionInsky
Private Wireless Networking Expert 4G/5GOostkamp, Vlaams Gewest, BelgiumSolutions & TechnologiesCitymesh
Product DesignerOostkamp, Vlaams Gewest, BelgiumCitymesh
Product DirectorOostkamp, Vlaams Gewest, BelgiumDIGI BE
Project Manager ITOostkamp, Vlaams Gewest, BelgiumOperationsCitymesh
Project Manager RANOostkamp, Vlaams Gewest, BelgiëSolutions & TechnologiesInsky
Quality Assurance EngineerOostkamp, Vlaams Gewest, BelgiumConnectCitymesh
Sales Administration ExpertOostkamp, Vlaams Gewest, BelgiëSalesCitymesh
Senior account managerOostkamp, Vlaams Gewest, BelgiumSalesCitymesh
Senior full stack web developerOostkamp, Vlaams Gewest, BelgiumCentral ServicesCitymesh
Senior Network ExpertOostkamp, Vlaams Gewest, BelgiumOperationsCitymesh
Service Delivery ExpertOostkamp, Vlaams Gewest, BelgiëOperationsCitymesh
Site EngineerOostkamp, Vlaams Gewest, BelgiëSite AcquisitionInsky
Spontaneous ApplicationOostkamp, Vlaams Gewest, België
Support ExpertOostkamp, Vlaams Gewest, BelgiëOperationsCitymesh
Warehouse OfficerOostkamp, Vlaams Gewest, BelgiëLogistics & WarehouseCitymesh, Insky

Infinitely curious

Our search for smaller, faster, better will never stop. We’re innovators, makers at heart. We want to do it ourselves. It’s in our DNA, it’s what drives us. We’re never not tinkering and always looking ahead for tomorrow’s problems. That curiosity pushes us to innovate. Pushes us to change.

With a human touch

Our solutions might be hightech, but we ourselves are still human and humane. We’re just as familiar with ones and zeros as we are with our clients and our team. We get them, we understand their needs and we’ll think along with them to provide the right and complete solutions.

Built on knowledge and innovation

Citymesh bursts with talent, expertise and executive power. We improve existing solutions, invent new ones and put a lot of trust in research & development. We try, we fail, we try again, we succeed. But most of all, we trust our people.

Change for impact

No change, no progress. We’re here to challenge the status quo. We’re tired of empty promises and vague visions of the future. We take matters into our own hands and make things happen. We bring change to the world of connectivity, and through that change we change society for the best.

It's time to shake things up.

Many years ago, passionate about technology and innovation, we felt the frustrations bubble. Connectivity, something that important for both business as society, was handled the wrong way. Time to shake things up!Citymesh brings innovation, transparency and the human touch to the telco industry. And by changing the telecom status quo, we can help improve other domains too. Think healthcare, education, entertainment and (blue) economy.But we need hands, brains and talent. Sodo you feel like joining the telco revolution? ‍Join us building the 4th operator! ‍The best one of course. ‍ Mitch De Geest CEO